I have a dream

As I write my first blog, in a blog site focused on knowledge work and better work experiences for knowledge workers, I consider my hope for this ‘place of  conversation’.

My hope is that a new vision of ‘work’ and ‘working’ will be imagined and realised.  A vision that benefits all who participate in the activity we call ‘work’.  A vision that has been defined by and for workers.

I believe work is an empowering, meaning-rich and energising part of life.  It’s an opportunity for individuals to use their talent, energy and intelligence to make a difference for themselves, their loved-ones and their community.

I dream that tomorrow people will take part in work and a workplace where they are personally valued for their knowledge, experience and potential.  I abhor the waste of people energy and knowledge.

I want to be a part of a thinking workforce that is ‘well’ on multiple dimensions.  Let’s find new meaning in ‘work-life balance’ so we can satisfyingly resolve how we use our time, knowledge and energy (a blog topic for another day).

I hope for more workplaces that are change-savvy, people-centric and meaning-rich.  What will it take? (Another blog topic for another day!)

Helen Palmer is Principal Consultant at RHX Group. She thinks critically about knowledge work, and ways to ensure knowledge isn’t wasted. She revels in tackling the big processes of change and learning so that ideas become impact. With her colleagues at RHX Group, Helen helps teams make better use of their people, knowledge and information.


One thought on “I have a dream

  1. I have a dream…. (in no specific order)

    – to leave work on time without feeling guilty
    – not think about work when I’m at home
    – to find a way to balance the “would love to do” and the “really needs to be done” and still fill happy at work
    – to be recognised or at least acknowledged for my contribution in not just $ – there have to be other ways!
    – to not have everything I do well taken for grated
    – to find more like-minded, change-savvy people to work with
    – to find easy paths to ears of those who make decisions – time for them to listen to those little people!

    My attitude is that everything has a solution!…. It’s just a matter of dealing with cost and consequences. None of the above is impossible. Some of the above is career-limiting if not carefully thought through.

    Keep on dreaming. Make dreams a reality

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