Foregrounds and Backgrounds in Business

In art there is a notion of things being in the foreground and the background when composing a picture. In composing the picture of my portfolio business (and career), I’m playing around with foregrounds and backgrounds.

From the foreground to the background goes Information Management & Knowledge Management expertise and services. To the foreground comes (strongly!) Organisational Change & Learning expertise and services. This perspective switching also comes with a brand change: ‘RHX Group’ takes the IM & KM topical space, and a new brand, ‘Questo’ is the home for the workscape change space. (Questo is one of the business names for the legal entity, ‘The RHX Group Pty Ltd’.)

There’s a different energy and stance for Questo in comparison to RHX Group. It’s what I believe is essential to navigate the future of work and the changing workscape; it’s tackling the challenges for organisations as well as individuals.

As the name suggests, Questo is about quests (exploration, adventure, pioneering, experimentation, emergence) and questions (uncertainty, un-order, challenging assumptions, learning); and there’s a little bit of magic: “Hey Questo!”

Questo becomes my business foreground;  and it comes with its own website and blog space. I, and willing friends, will be writing about the things that makes us Human in an age of advancing technology. ‘Work’ as we knew it is changing in subtle and not so subtle ways, and technology is a big factor in that change. I’d like to help people come to gripes with this situation … and thrive!

As I’ll be investing writing effort and time on the Questo blog, rhxthinking blog will go into hibernation. The posts of old will still be there; there will be few posts of new.

Thanks for being a follower of rhxthinking. Want to now follow the Questo blog? Check it out here!  Questo also has its own Twitter account too.

In the spirit of content re-use, some blog posts from rhxthinking will make an appearance in Questo: You can’t keep good content down!

Signing off from rhxthinking.

Helen P


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